Innovations run unleashed in our blood!
Located in Kolkata (India), we are in business since a very long time (analogue since 1989, digital since 1996) with reputed customers spread worldwide in various fields.
We provide a wide range of services in the fields of film making, videography, audiography, multimedia and web for business, profession, education, cultural fields, etc. All our technicians are well-trained and are bubbling with innovative ideas. We use top-class equipments as per global standard for all our productions.
Whether for business or profession or just for your hobby, you may contact us for high quality work, no matter wherever you are located globally. Try us once, and you would never like to go anywhere else... that‘s an assurance from us.
The following is the complete range of our services for your business, profession or hobby :
  1. Music Videos, Recitation Videos, Acting Demos, etc. for cultural professionals;
  2. Karaoke Background Music Tracks of reputed songs for Singers with customized scale and tempo as per individual choices of clients;
  3. Adfilms, Docu Films, Training Films, Product Demos, etc. for various businesses or professions;
  4. Audio Editing/ Correction Services for various purposes;
  5. Youtube Customization/ Monetization/ Guidance for better communications, publicity and profit;
  6. Internet Marketing & Security Services/ Consultancy for total publicity and safety;
  7. Website Development and Maintenance and optional mail services with total support.
In order to fight COVID, you can avail our online services for both order & payment.
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