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About us
We are a sister concern of ARC Group which has been in business since year 1981, and we too are here for quite sometime now. We provide various kinds of hi-tech and highly creative services related to film making, videography, audiography, graphics, text content, web, etc.
We have a large number of happy clients all over the world with years of their high satisfaction from our work. If you try any of our services for once, you will never settle for anything else elsewhere.
We accept your order for the following services:
  • Adfilms, Short Films, Docu Films, AV Presentations, Demos, Teasers
  • Music Videos and other Performing Arts Videos
  • Music Arrangement & Scoring Assistance
    • Tune Composing
    • Background Music & Interludes Composing
    • Hiring Musicians
    • Orchestra Conduction
    • Various kinds of assistance during sound recording at studios
  • Customised* Karaoke Tracks (Song Background Music) for Singers
    Scale, Pitch, Tempo, etc customised as per order
  • Audio Editing and Correction*
    Speech re-ordering of words/ sentences, removal of unwanted noises, volume increase, various music related makeovers, and many other interesting services
  • Youtube Pro Channel Creation/ Customisation/ Consultancy
  • Logo, Brochure, Poster, Meme Creations
  • Internet Marketing of Videos and Products
  • Website Designing, Development, Business Emails and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Customised Apps and Softwares
  • Content Writing in English, Hindi, Bengali
  • Translation Services in Indian and some Foreign Languages*
    French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Our Specialities
One of our top selling services is customised cultural videos and demos for the use of singers, reciters, actors, etc, both professionals and amateurs. We have some special offers* for amateurs.
Get your professional quality music and cultural videos and promotional demos from very ordinary inputs which you can easily send us from your home located anywhere in the world. Just see the magic we do on your files. You will be surprised to see and hear how your ordinary inputs get transformed into high quality work using latest, world-class technologies on both visual and sound, that too at easily affordable prices under this special offer.
We use the most advanced equipments coupled with our innovative and unconventional ideas that enable us to do miracles in whatever work we do. To put it in a simple way, if your singing did not come out so well, or there were some defects in your recitation voice or some unwanted background noises were heard, or the room where you recorded your performance was disorganised, everything is possible to repair or replace. We also provide custom background music tracks for you to sing with (including changes in scale, tempo, etc, if required), re-ordering of words in songs or narrations, and tell you, free of cost, better ways how to work on them so that the effect is cinematic.
Today almost everything is possible to do remotely, without the developers and the clients physically meeing each other at a common geographical location. So, in 99.99% cases, there is no need for some outdoor shooting or hand to hand goods transfer, but there is no difference in work quality because of that.
WhatsApp: +91 89810 36836
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No Spam/ Promo DND Voice Call: +91 98300 36834
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